The Phone Call

Let me first say, I feel so happy. The call I received last night was one that I had been praying for. I have been struggling so much with wanting to be better. I have been craving God, but pushing Him to the side. I have the right intentions, but I let myself do wrong. I feel worse because I know what is right and still choose to do wrong. I have been praying so hard for a sign. A sign that would give me the extra push that I needed.

Last night I was at a bookstore looking for a book on bettering my relationship with Jesus. While I was there I was Snapchatting a guy that I have known for around two years, but our relationship was never more than a few Snapchats every so often. He was asking what I was looking for and I told him. This led to him asking if he could call me. He called and I am so thankful that he did.

We talked for an hour and 5 minutes about Jesus. My heart was bursting the whole time because I knew that Jesus set this up. Jesus was answering my prayer and giving me the push that I needed. I needed the reasurannce from a real person. Someone who wasn’t standing on stage in front of me at church. This boy talked to me as the real him. He told me the messy parts of his life and how Jesus had saved him. I don’t think he realizes how much it meant to me that he was so raw. I needed to hear that someone else was messy like me and could still be saved by Jesus. I have always known that Jesus could cleanse us, but to see first hand that Jesus really can take away all sin was amazing.

I know the journey I have in front of me is going to be really freaking hard, but MY God can do anything. I know that Jesus is with me and I can feel Him squeezing me extra tight. I know that I can be better and live my life for Jesus. I know I will mess up at some point, but MY God can cleanse me again.

I ask for prayers as I embark on this journey of becoming the best daughter of the King I can be. Thank you, Jesus for the sign that I needed. I am filled to the very tip top with joy.

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