5 Years in Heaven

September 29 has came and gone once more. This year I noticed that it hurt a little less. It made me feel bad, but I realized that it isn’t a bad thing for it to hurt less. It shows that I am growing and more at peace with what had happened. I have learned to be at peace with what has happened and learn from it. I have learned more than I can explain from this situation. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes. As cheesy as the saying is, “too beautiful for earth” I feel it true. There is no way I could have a 5 year old right now. A senior in college, I don’t think I would even be at this point. I think God was saving my baby and saving me. If I was stuck forever with the baby’s father I would have never grown to the point I am currently. I have found what I want to do with my life and worked on healing from the horrific times I endured. I am at peace that my baby is in the best possible scenario. My baby is with Jesus looking down on me. Of course I never wanted what happened to me and my baby to happen, I see the blessing in all of the darkness. Jesus is taking care of my baby and I take great comfort in that.

Happy 5 years in Heaven, baby. I know you are having the best time.

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